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23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka
P: 03 443 0710 / Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm

Our Services

Please see below for a full list of our services (sorted alphabetically)…


Jo & CormAccidents & Emergencies

We provide an accident and emergency service. Patients can be seen without an appointment. We do appreciate it if someone else is able to call ahead so we can be prepared for you. Our doctors and nurses are all trained to deal with accidents and emergencies. Most situations can be handled here but sometimes patients will need to be sent on to Dunstan Hospital or occasionally, Dunedin Hospital for specialist care.

Aclasta Infusion

Convenient, once a year treatment for osteoporosis, Aclasta is an intravenous infusion which takes about an hour to administer. Please see your doctor prior to discuss.

After Hours (Phone 111 in an emergency)

The medical centre is open from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. An after hours doctor is always available outside of these hours. Phone 03 443 0710 and you will be put through to a triage system and they will either give you advice or put you through to the on call doctor.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessments (CVRA)Ray & SS

Cardiovascular risk assessments are a tool to calculate the risk of heart disease or stroke. At the assessment, the nurse will take blood tests, measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure and ask about your family history. If your risk is low, you will be notified and recalled in five years. If you have a 10 – 15% risk, you will be invited to have a visit with one of our specialist nurses, Bridget or Carol, to learn what small changes you can make that will help lower your risk. If your risk is higher you will be advised to see your doctor. These assessments are free if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • 35 – 74 year old Maori or Pacific male.
  • 45 – 74 year old Maori or Pacific female.

Care Plus Programme

If you have two long term conditions, you may be eligible to enrol in the Care Plus Programme. You will be assigned a nurse and have free regular contact with her to identify and work towards your goals.

Cervical Smears

Regular smears have been shown to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Cervical smears are recommended for women between the ages of 20 – 70. These can be done by most of our nurses.

Baby BenChildhood Immunisations

We recommend our children are immunised. The National Immunisation Schedule is a series of immunisations from six weeks to 12 years. For the best possible protection, have the immunisations on time, every time. You will be contacted when it is time for your child’s next immunisation.

Contraception Advice

See your doctor about contraception advice. These visits may be free if you are under 22 years. Doctors are trained in the insertion of Jadelle implants and Mirena/IUC devices and can offer advice on other contraception. Repeat pill prescription appointments may be able to be made with one of our nurses.

Designated Doctors

We have two designated doctors who can see patients referred from Work & Income for Supported Living Payment Assessment (formerly Invalid’s Benefit) and Job Seeker Support Assessments (formerly Sickness Benefit).

Diabetes Management

Nurse Leigh Cashen is our trained diabetes nurse who can assist with the management of diabetes. Leigh runs regular diabetes clinics.

Driver Licence Medicals

These medicals require an appointment with the nurse and then the doctor. Please bring along your current licence and any paper work you have been sent. Please say the appointment is for a driver’s licence when you make the appointment.

Drug Testing

We have several nurses who are accredited to perform drug testing. We are also able to perform instant drug and alcohol testing.


Our doctors are all able to remove skin moles and lesions. These require extra time so please inform reception that this is what you require when you are making the appointment.

Manage My Health

Manage My Health LogoWe provide a secure on line portal to enable you to make your own appointments, view your results, request prescriptions and contact your GP. You need access to a computer and must have your own email address. Please see reception for registration. This is a free service.

Mount Aspiring College Clinic

Dr Charlotte Kevern runs a free clinic for MAC students at the college every Monday lunch time. This is a walk in clinic.

Mareen & OwenNursing Services

Our nurses offer a range of services from routine nurse services to specialty services. Appointments with nurses may be made within normal hours. Services include:

  • Childhood immunisations
  • Wound management
  • Cervical screening
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Well persons checks
  • Travel advice and vaccinations
  • Diabetes advice
  • Smoking cessation
  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
  • Drug Testing
  • Plastering

Recalls: One of our team will contact you as a reminder to help prevent disease, eg; cervical smears and child hood immunisations.

Phone Nurse

There is always a nurse available to give advice, give results or answer questions. She may be on the phone when you call but ask for the Phone Nurse and she will call you back.

Repeat Prescriptions

From time to time your doctor will advise you that you may phone in for your next prescription. This may be done for enrolled patients and only if the prescription has been previously prescribed by your doctor. Phone reception and state:

  • the exact name(s) of the medication(s)
  • Whether you will collect the prescription or whether you would like it faxed to your preferred pharmacy.

There is a $15 charge for this service.

Carol Phone NurseRespiratory Clinic

Nurse Chris holds regular respiratory clinics. She can provide asthma education, advice on the correct use of inhalers and can perform spirometry testing. Please phone and ask Chris to contact you or see your GP.

Sexual Health Consultations

If you are enrolled with us and are under 25 years, you are entitled to two free sexual health consultations per year. Please ask your doctor.

Skin Treatment Clinics

Several of our doctors and Nurse Ros Nelson run skin treatment clinics for the removal of skin spots and warts with liquid nitrogen. There is at least one clinic per week.

Smoking Cessation

We encourage our patients to stop smoking. To help you quit, we have several nurses who are trained to help you quit smoking as well as providing nicotine replacement, subsidised medication and advice on lifestyle changes. Health benefits and many savings are just two of the many good reasons to quit.  Visit the New Zealand Quitline website or phone 0800 778 778.

Test Results

When you have a test, eg: a blood test or an xray, the doctor will receive the results and if they are OK they will send you a letter, text or phone call to say all is normal OR they may have the Phone Nurse contact you with the results and any further instruction OR they may contact you themselves. Please feel free to phone and ask the Phone Nurse to call you if you have not heard about results you are expecting.

Please Note: If necessary you will be contacted immediately if the results are urgent.

Travel Clinics & Vaccinations

Travel consultations are recommended for all travellers. Nurse Maureen, Nurse Stephanie and Dr Catriona Austin are all trained in travel medicine.  Dr Andrew McLeod and Dr Catriona Austin are authorised yellow fever doctors. They will advise you on what vaccinations are recommended, give advice on how to keep safe while travelling and administer any vaccinations required.

Wanaka Skin Cancer Clinic

At Wanaka Skin Cancer clinic we offer a 30 minute, comprehensive skin check with a GP specialising in skin and skin cancer management.

Your skin will be checked for moles, blemishes and changes that may be potentially cancerous. Liquid nitrogen and biopsies will be available in the appointment if necessary. Areas of concern will be photographed and recorded so your skin can be monitored over time.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand and New Zealand skin cancer rates are amongst the highest in the world. If you have grown up in New Zealand, if you have fair skin, blond or ginger hair, have ever been sunburnt, enjoy being in the outdoors or work outdoors then you should have a regular skin check.

Early detection gives the best chance of successfully treating skin cancer. Melanoma is the skin cancer which is aggressive and can be deadly. Skin cancers can start as a mole or skin change so any new or changing skin spots need to be checked. If the doctor finds something that needs to be removed an excision will be arranged.

Remember to stay safe in the sun. Cover up, wear a hat, use a sun screen and sun glasses. Protect yourself and your children against the damaging effects of our New Zealand sun.

Be Safe: Be SunSmart.

The Skin Cancer Clinic is run by Dr Mark Feeney, Dr Julian Pettit, Dr Andrew McLeod and Dr Michele Wills.

Phone reception on 03 443 0710 or email office@wanakamedical.co.nz to book an appointment.

Wanaka Travel Doctor

Thinking about your next overseas adventure? Keeping safe is all part of the planning.

Wanaka Travel Doctor is a team of specially trained doctors and nurses dedicated to travel medicine.  As part of the New Zealand Travel Doctor network they offer the very latest information on international health advice , vaccinations and travel medications.

The WanakaTravel Doctor Team will help you with:

  • Travel advice
  • Vaccinations including Yellow Fever
  • Food and water safety
  • insect avoidance
  • sexual health
  • personal safety and insurance
  • altitude related sickness
  • managing existing medical conditions
  • first aid kits including medications

Wanaka Medical Travel Doctor has a range of products available including a range of first aid kits, mosquito nets, insect repellants and water purification systems.  Click here to view the full range

The Wanaka Travel Doctor service is available to all travellers including:

  • Sports teams
  • School groups
  • Backpackers
  • Business travellers
  • Families
  • Solo travellers
  • Tropical getaways
  • Adventure holidays (scuba diving, trekking, mountain biking)

To make a booking: The Wanaka Travel Doctor Team have clinics on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays at Wanaka Medical  23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka. To make an appointment phone Wanaka Medical on 03 443 0710 or email office@wanakamedical.co.nz and ask to make an appointment with the Travel Doctor team. An appointment with the Wanaka Travel Doctor is the best start for safe travel.

Weekends/Public Holidays

We share the weekend work with Aspiring Medical Centre. There is always a clinic at either of the practices from 9am – 12 noon and 4pm – 6pm Saturday and Sunday. These hours are extended at busy times of the year. This is a walk in clinic with no appointment necessary although a phone call first can be helpful. The on call doctor may be contacted through 03 443 0710 outside of clinic hours as per after hours above.

Workplace Monitoring

We provide audiometry, spirometry, drug testing and other health checks for your workplace.