COVID-19 Update 25 Mar: How are we helping to keep our community safe

Mar 25, 2020

Thank you to all our patients for their understanding and patience as we all adjust to working in new ways. We are really pleased at how well you have responded to the face-to-face alternative appointments at our practice. Our phone consultations have managed to resolve a large percentage of your health needs.

Please remember to call us first, rather than walking into the practice, as our waiting room is closed.

There are many of you who have registered, and activated their Manage My Health app on their smartphone or tablet. You can use this as an alternative to phoning us, using the secure email function to contact your doctor, or to repeat a subscription.

You still need to call us to book appointments as we would prefer to speak to you first.

We have the ability to offer video consultations too, should the demand for this alternative to phone consultations arise.

The demand for repeat prescriptions has increased significantly over the last few days. You can expect a delay of a few days currently, between your doctor confirming the script, and the pharmacy being ready for you to collect it, or have it delivered to you.

Flu vaccinations are available in limited quantities for those over 65, or with underling conditions. We are calling all these patients for appointments,as vaccines supply is made available. We expect vaccines for all patients to bevailable from April 13th.

The Community Based Assessment Center (CBAC) that will provide dedicated COVID-19 testing is operational, and suspected cases in Wanaka will be required to present to the CBAC in Lake Hayes Pavilion, Queenstown. You cannot drive there directly without first making an appointment via Healthline 0800 358 5453

The Wanaka Medical team is commited to to providing a safe workplace, and a safe practice for our patients. If you have any health concerns for you or your family, please call us.