COVID-19 Update: How are we helping to keep our community safe

Mar 23, 2020

As we all come together to keep our loved ones safe, we want to reiterate our steady and long standing commitment to you. To our patients, our team and our community, we are committed to providing safe health care services, and will continue to do so in the light of Covid-19.

How we are keeping the Wanaka community safe

We have introduced a number of enhancements at the Wanaka Medical Centre, to empower our community to remain safe, and make the best decisions when it comes to you and your family’s health.

Face-to-face appointment alternatives

  • We are reducing face-to-face appointments, where appropriate, by replacing our waiting rooms with alternatives such as phone calls or the Manage my Health Patient Portal. We will explain, and elaborate on any technicalities involved.
  • Our team will be calling all patients with appointments, as well as those in need of one, to reassess if help can be provided via the above mentioned alternatives.
  • Once reassessed, if it is agreed that an appointment is needed in person, we are asking patients to please wait in their cars and notify us of their arrival, and to stay in their cars until they are called into the clinic.

Improved containment strategies

  • We will be further isolating patients who have travelled overseas and/or have flu like symptoms, away from our main facilities. These patients will either be redirected to a regional community based assessment centre in Queenstown; met with in their cars, our external COVID triage area or dedicated isolation areas.
  • We will be offering flu vaccinations at facilities outside of the main practice. We will be calling patients directly about flu vaccines, to prioritise vulnerable patients first as directed by the Ministry of Health.

Safer internal processes

  • Our team are implementing strict PPE, hand washing and cleaning protocols for all staff and practice areas.
  • We are asking for cashless payments only, when paying for appointments so please ensure you have an EFTPOS, debit or credit card available for payment.
  • Our doctors will be sending scripts directly to our patient’s pharmacy, so we suggest checking with your pharmacy now for further information on how your script can be delivered or collected.

How you can help protect yourself, and others

Your individual decisions can positively impact your immediate family, friends and the greater community. Even the smallest of actions can have large, lasting impacts on our community.

1. If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, or think that you could be infected, you can protect yourselves and others by self isolating, and calling Healthline on 0800 611 116.
2. If you think that you need to make an appointment with us, please remain self isolated, and phone us to book an appointment.
3. If an appointment is scheduled, please remain in your car and let us know that you have arrived. We will then call you when you can enter the clinic.

As our team remain unwavered in our commitment to keeping our community safe, we implore you to do the same. Working together, we have the opportunity to reduce the impact of CV19, and to keep our loved ones out of harm’s way.

Be kind to each other. And please contact Wanaka Medical Centre or Healthline if we can help.