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Feedback & Complaints

At Wanaka Medical all feedback, including complaints, provide us with an opportunity to look carefully at how we deliver health care and improve where we can.

We aim to achieve a mutually satisfactory conclusion to all complaints and where appropriate, take action to ensure similar situations do not arise again.

It is helpful if complaints are received as soon as possible after an event or concern arises. We treat complaints seriously and respond promptly and fairly.


Feedback and Complaint Forms are available from reception. In the case of complaints you may take your concerns directly to the person who provided the service to you. If you are still not satisfied or do not feel able to talk with them, you may complete a complaints form. This will be directed to Maureen McNeill who is responsible for overseeing a satisfactory resolution of complaints. You may contact Jan directly on 443 0710 or via email.

The Complaints Officer will thoroughly assess the complaint, decide what actions need to be taken and communicate with you on how best to resolve the issue.

Everyone using a health or disability service has the protection of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights and the Health Information Privacy Code. If you would like support to contact these organisations, there is a free service to assist;