Measles Update

Sep 9, 2019

The measles outbreak has escalated in the Queenstown area.  We recommend that people are vaccinated for measles with the MMR vaccine.

Immunisation is safe, effective and free.

If you were born before 1st January 1969 you are considered to be immune.  After this date you will be immune if you have had two MMR vaccines.

The current vaccine schedule gives these vaccines at 15 months and 4 years so children who have had all their age appropriate vaccines will be covered.

At this stage there is no indication to vaccinate children earlier unless they are travelling to Auckland, overseas to a place with measles or they have been in contact with a potential measles case.

Adults who are unsure of their vaccination status should contact the practice.

What are the symptoms of the measles?

Measles is a serious and highly infectious viral disease that causes a cough, high fever, runny nose and sore red eyes.  A few days later a rash begins on the head and spreads across the body.  People with measles can be infectious even before they start feeling unwell.

What do I do if I think I have the measles?

If you think you or your child has the measles:

Please do not come to the medical centre.

PHONE US ON 443 0710 and ask to speak to the phone nurse who will arrange for you to be seen.

For further information please visit:

We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.